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Advice For Managing Communications on Campus, Crises & All

As Penn State University prepares for the opening of the Jerry Sandusky trial and looks at expenditures aiming north of $10 million to repair its reputation in the aftermath of the scandal, we found this article with good advice for managing communications on college campuses to avert and, when necessary, respond to any number of crises affecting a school’s standing and the many people affected by it. Organizations, beyond college campuses, would do well heed the well-timed advice in this Fast Company article,

“Debt, Scandal, And Bruised Reputations: Damage Control For Colleges In Crisis”. …

There are strategies that colleges and universities need to embed in their communicative DNA, all of which not only help prevent brand issues from arising, but also ensure an enhanced level of preparedness should a worst-case-scenario emerge.  …

We’d also like to hear your communications strategies for pre-empting and surviving an organizational crisis.

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