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23 things you’ll only understand if you work in PR

If you’ve ever wondered what daily life in public relations looks like, this article will give you a quick look of some of the highs and lows of the profession. Gotta’ love it!


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That push and pull between press and promotion that is public relations. People may think it’s an airy fairy type of career but scoring relevant, credited coverage for each new client campaign or product release can be a tough call.

Pity the poor press officer caught between the client with big ideas but a small budget and the media who receive thousands of eager press releases every day.

If you walk that thin line of communications then you’ll probably know these to be true:

1. The nervous press scanning 

You can’t relax until you get it out of the way. Every morning you’re face deep in the papers, checking Google alerts or refreshing the cuttings page – looking for the good mentions about your client and the not so good mentions.

2. The elaborate prose

It’s rare you get to work on a product that…

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