School Public Relations and Campus Communications

???????????????????????With the start of school once again on the horizon (is it really ever far from mind?), now come some timely lessons and discussions about Communications on school campuses (lower level and higher ed). We’ve examined this issue before–mostly related to college campuses. But below, we delve further, with some always timely lessons for those with responsibility for school communications–whether it’s the routine matters of school–or, perhaps, some other issue. Forbes starts the discussion off with some “Lessons in Higher Education Public Relations.” “Academics, like any industry, have unique challenges.  Budget cuts for certain states that want to slash funding;  Criticisms over the costs of tuition; academic departments that must prove their relevance in today’s job market; the tenure system for professors.  It’s not an easy  job.  Fulfilling yes, but that’s true for any publicist who believes in their client, product and/or service. “To understand what academic public relations and marketing directors can do to improve their media relations, I asked some top-line journalists, who deal with universities fairly often, what they’d like to experience.” Read more …

A sad sign of the times—but never more important—here are also some Young Girl at School Holding a Computer Mouselessons learned on using Communications to promote a safe campus and in the face of a crisis, courtesy of the National School Public Relations Association, via Mueller Communications: Leaders responsible for planning and executing crisis plans, especially those in organizations serving children, should be challenged by this article ...” Do you have any more tips, lessons learned, from school-related or other kinds of crisis situations? Share them here, and let’s hope (and prepare) for a productive and safe school year.


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