PR and Chicago Olympics, What Ifs

As we chronicled in earlier posts, if NATO-Chicago wasn’t enough of an eye-opener regarding the local value of hosting mega-events, here’s an update from the New York Times regarding the London 2012 Olympics.

So, if you’re from Chicago and prone to flights of fantasy about what might have been if Chicago had garnered the 2016 Olympics, consider this a cautionary tale. No doubt hosting these worldwide events offers an astonishing array of  benefits; but perhaps, too, there’s another level of planning and candid outreach required to ensure these benefits don’t hamstring host cities …

After Warnings of an Olympic Crush, Businesses Suffer in a Deserted in a Deserted London

LONDON — After a week of unusually quiet streets, idling cabs and easily navigated shops, fears of the Gridlock Games have transformed into complaints about the Ghost Town Olympics.

Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesA tourist checked his map at Oxford Circus in London. Fears of a tourist crush have proved overblown.

Experts say tens of thousands of foreign tourists without tickets to the Olympic Games appear to have decided to skip London, bowing to official warnings of stifling overcrowding — a forecast that ignored the lessons of other Olympic host cities that have emptied out during the Games over the past 20 years. In even larger numbers, these experts say, Britons themselves, including tens of thousands who normally commute to work in London, have heeded official appeals and stayed home.

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