Countdown to NATO-Chicago

With hundreds of heads of more than 28 member nations gathering just a couple of blocks away, the PRDoctor has a near birds-eye view of preparations & events from Chicago. We offer this chronology of activities from just outside the Red Zone–a few blocks from McCormick Place–where NATO leaders will be meeting, & within striking distance of planned demonstrations as well as protester encampments at a nearby church. What’s it like? We’ll try to bring you there w/ real grassroots, local updates.

5/16/17–Chicago Sun-Times provided a great service to all those interested in the who’s who behind NATO. Beyond security prep & disruptions to business, here’s a close-up look at the people we’re  hosting in Chicago.

5/17/12–No real PR implications yet, although I just got a note from the Chicago Tribune that my newspaper delivery might be disrupted. They’ll save the papers for later delivery. I don’t think so. Talked to them about that. Who wants a barrage of 2-3-day-old papers. Bought them on the run.

–Three days before, & we’re already enveloped by security. Some companies/business owners have already taken precautions recommended by private security. It’s easy to feel closed in … but at least secure.

5/18/12 — Getting used to the drone of F-16 fighter planes overhead. With all the activity, visible & unseen, things take on a Disney-esque quality. But when I ran into EPA installing air quality monitors around McCormick Place, everything became deadly serious.




–New surprise to homeowners just beyond the Red Zone near McCormick Place: new barricades & unexpected towing. No Parking signs magically appeared, & just as quickly, the towing began. This may be a PR issue if enough owners contest towing.

 Private street Friday morning, after unannounced towing. Shades of things to come: more barricades await placement by PM.

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